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About the company

The company  «Infinity Copper Group» is the leading supplier of high-quality copper pipes in Central Asia. Activity is based on satisfaction of requirements of clients, flexibility in work and introduction of innovations by working out of new production, decisions and services.

The history «Infinity Copper Group»has begun in 2010. Factory building on manufacture of the copper pipes used in a life, motor industry civil work, in manufacture of household conditioners, refrigerators and, also, systems of heating, a water pipe and gas supply became one of the first steps on a way to the development of the market of the Central Asia.

Bring the Matter Before the End of

We offer you qualitative products. Buying «Infinity Copper Group» products, you get confidence of equipment work. All «Infinity Copper Group» products are made exclusively from the cleanest raw materials of a mineral origin without use of a waste or secondary copper. We work under the trade mark «Infinity Copper Group» in all our marketing territory. For us, force of our mark depends on actions, not on words.

We promise our clients to bring the matter before the end of and every day we work in this direction. We want that «Infinity Copper Group» became a symbol of innovation, quality and the activity directed on satisfaction of requirements of clients for our customers. In all our actions we are guided by requirements of clients.

Our problem - to help our customers to find decisions on the basis of copper pipes which will allow them to receive corresponding products, services and the information.

Universality of copper - its suitability for a reuse as natural material and for use of renewed energy sources - gives us the reliable basis for clients based on profitable activity.

Advantages of copper

Doubtless qualities of copper:

high plasticity, firmness to temperature differences, stability to freezing in the condition filled with water, low factor of a roughness (smaller, than at steel and even polymeric pipes), the raised anticorrosive properties, stability natural property at long operation (more than 50 years) - allow to use effectively copper pipes in many areas.

Our company delivers “Infinity Copper Group”copper pipes of following appointments and standards:

a pipe copper conditioning/refrigerating (EN 12735-1 / ASTM B 280, GOST 617-2006), a sanitary cooper pipe (GOST 617-2006).

Production for heating and water supply systems:

water supply pipes, gas copper pipes, heating copper pipes .

Pipe packing corresponds to the international standards. Each bay is packed into a tight package. Bays are collected in rigid card board boxes that allow excluding damages at transportation.