About ICG

History of ICG

Infinity Copper Group is a leading supplier of high-quality copper pipes in Central Asia.

Our success is based on customer satisfaction, flexibility in work and innovation to develop new products, solutions and services.

The history of the Infinity Copper Group began in 2010. One of the first steps towards the development of the Central Asian market was the construction of a production plant of copper pipes. Copper pipes are used in everyday life, the automotive industry, construction works, in the production of household air conditioners, refrigerators, as well as heating, water supply and gas supply systems.

Our mission

- help our customers find copper pipe solutions that will enable them to obtain the right products, services and information.

We offer high quality products. "Infinity Copper Group" products give you confidence and peace of mind about the productivity of your equipment. All products of "Infinity Copper Group" are made exclusively from the purest raw materials of mineral origin without the use of waste or secondary copper.

We operate under the brand name “Infinity Copper Group” throughout our marketing territory. For us, the strength of our brand depends on actions, not words. We promise our clients that we see it through to the end, and every day we work in this direction.

We want the Infinity Copper Group to become a symbol of innovation, quality and customer satisfaction for our customers. In all our actions, we are guided by the needs of our clients.

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